Being able to achieve a house with a modern-style facade and a bright and comfortable interior decoration is a challenge, especially when it comes to construction of houses on small plots of land, the Falken Reynolds Interiors studio and Randy Bens Architect have achieved this by combining several styles of design, among them the Scandinavian one.

Diseno fachada casa dos pisos minimalistaMain facade – Architect: Randy Bens Architect | Photos: Ema Peter

A modern facade that harmonizes with the interior design

The exterior cladding of the house is metallic that reminds us a lot of the practical and economic container houses, it has a glossy white applied to the entire set, the window frames are made of oak wood and large proportions of glass both the first and the second. the second floor.

Good distribution of house plans built on a small plot of land

Planos de casa pequena de dos plantas

The living room and dining room occupy a large part of the first floor which, as we will see in the interior design images, have excellent natural lighting and views of the rear garden.

The main entrance is on the side of the garage and very close to the location of the stairs that make it functional since it does not allow a crossover of functions (with spaces such as the living room), a skylight or interior patio allows lighting all the areas of the first floor .

In the plans of small houses we can see that the three bedrooms are located on the second floor, having a semi-linear passageway as circulation, the interior patio also illuminates this space that is complemented by the entry of light from a skylight (it was added later in the remodeling of the house to give more light to the two floors)

Importance of natural light in interior decoration

Diseno de living estilo minimalista

A highlight in interior decoration is the use of natural lighting for this the designers have created a set of skylights that allow the passage of light to various objectives of the house, the main environments such as the living room and bedrooms are They benefit from receiving the lighting through large windows as we have seen in the plans.

Hermoso diseno de escaleras

Design professionals had the idea of ​​uniting design styles such as Scandinavian (very fashionable today) that has among its main characteristics:

Simple design lines.
Minimalist decoration, a simple representation of an object can communicate better than decorative elements with a lot of representative content.
Tones of color, the color palette of the Scandinavian design style uses colors in cold gray tones, white, blue colors – light blue and cream tones, they can be combined with each other always keeping in mind to seek simplicity in the representation also by color.
Integrate nature, shapes and patterns must communicate integration with nature, thus wooden objects are included in their pure texture and color.
The lighting comes to life and the bright environments are better appreciated, in the interior design of this style the search to give priority to the passage of natural light to all the rooms of the house is fundamental.
Inclusion of craftsmanship, in the interior decoration you can include simple textile pictures, in the interior design this small house has included Kvadrat fabrics and quartz surfaces and also Corian that can be applied to kitchen countertops.

The set of decoration that includes the exterior gardens, also has Japanese design influence.

In the construction materials, metal stands out for the finishes of the facade and the wood applied to window frames, doors, fences and floors; the concrete makes its appearance in the exterior enclosure walls.

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Interior design: Falken Reynolds Interiors

Architect: Randy Bens Architect

House area: 204.00 M2

Terrain width: 6.00 M

Year: 2018

Photos: Ema Peter

Via: homeworlddesign

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