Designs of small apartments with innovative ideas to distribute interior environments using resources such as shelves and mobile furniture that are the future, also discover how to implement the decoration based on the construction material and available space.

1. Small apartment of 22 square meters with a mezzanine

This department has a total of 22 square meters and 3.3 meters in height, which allows a bedroom to be developed on the mezzanine or mezzanine, modular shelving has been used with a pleasant combination of natural wood and white sheets.Plano de departamento pequeno 22 metros cuadradosA. Solution, social area expands the room with sofas

2. Modern apartment of 60 square meters

Diseno de moderna sala comedor cocina apartamentoView of the modern living room – dining room and kitchen – Design: Vlad Mishin
Diseno sala comedor moderno departamentoWooden kitchen module closed
Dormitoiro modular apartamentoBedroom design

This apartment is developed in 60 square meters, the private area has a large space for the bed and a TV room. We believe that given the size, two bedrooms could be placed.

As we can see, it is in the central wall of the apartment where the mobile shelf is included, in this way, for example, the television in the living room can be turned towards the bedroom (bedroon), as well as closing the kitchen cabinet as we have in the photo of this design.

Plano de departamento dos dormitorios60 square meter apartment plan

3. 36 square meter apartment layout with movable wall

Diseno de apartamento paredes móviles 002View of the living room and bedroom with the movable wall in the center- Design: MKCA

Diseno de apartamento paredes móviles 003

In this design, the central wall changes position thanks to the placement of two rails both on the floor and on the ceiling, like the model n ° 2 that we have seen, the television can rotate 180 ° locating it both in the living room and in the bedroom .

The benefit of this system is that you can expand the social area during the day making it spacious and at night have a large bedroom just by gently moving a wall made of wood.

Planos módulos departamento pequenoDifferent possibilities for converting spaces thanks to the movable wall

4. Automated system creates different environments in a department

Diseno de departamento pequeno plegableCentral cabinet contains a bed and other equipment – Design: ORI

ORI is an automated system that with the press of a button an environment could be converted into an office or bedroom, it has been founded by the popular designer Yves Béhar and was born as an experiment by the prestigious MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology).

This system could be placed in such small environments starting from 20 square meters, an example that we can also see in: Design of one bedroom apartments that we have developed in Construye Hogar.

Módulo madera para departamento pequeno

Mueble especial para departamentos pequenos

5. Mini department developed on land of 26 square meters

Diseno de interiores departamento pequenoView of the kitchen and bedroom located on the mezzanine – Design:  Specht Harpman
Pequeno departamento de un dormitorioVirtual model of the mini apartment

The apartment has approximately 26.4 square meters (4.8 x 5.5), the living room, kitchen and bathroom have been designed on the first floor, the bedroom is located on the mezzanine.

In so little space it has been possible to design a comfortable, well-lit and naturally ventilated home.

Planos pequeno departamentoMini-apartment plans

For more information on this project, please enter: Mini-apartment design  where you will see the interesting model of the shelf under the stairs and other modules of the department.

6. Distribution of economic apartments with movable walls

Comedor plegable de madera contrachapada industrialDesign of the folding dining room – Design: PKMN Arquitectura

PKMN has designed an economical system built with industrial wood that allows creating «rooms» by rolling modular shelving (a system similar to model n ° 3 that we have seen), in this way you can convert a space into a dressing table to areas as dissimilar as the kitchen .

This system gives us many ideas to expand spaces or quickly convert environments according to the use that is going to be given to it.

Pequeno departamtneo con separación de espacios por estantería

7. Mini apartment of 38 square meters

Plano 3D de departamento pequeno 1 dormitorioVirtual model of the mini department – Design. Design Studio Dragon

In this small department, innovative resources are used such as a double-step staircase design , large front windows for excellent natural lighting, floor-to-ceiling shelving and resources to expand spaces such as mirrors as we will see below:

Diseno de interiores de moderno departamento pequenoKitchen and dining room view

More images of this project in:  Small apartment of 38 square meters .

8. The latest in design: Transportable apartments with all the furniture

Módulos de departamentos móviles

Apartment modules that are easily transported – Project Kasita

The apartments are modules of only 19 square meters that can be transported in a van, within these modules are all the equipment (furniture, stove, shelves, bathroom, etc.) of the owner or tenant, which brings as benefit that the transfer from one place to another is fast without changing the internal distribution.

The buildings that contain these modules are modern steel structures of up to three floors, which communicate with each other by subsequent stairs, lets see the design below:

Edificio de pequenos departamentos móviles 002Building profile facade containing the modules –   Kasita Project  ( Via )
Edificio de pequenos departamentos móvilesMain facade of the mobile apartment building – Kasita Project

Final tips for the design of apartments in small spaces

Save spaces with furniture that is transformed

For more ideas, please enter: Design of small apartments  that we have developed at Construye Hogar.

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