Some years ago, candles were just a tool that was used when the light in a house went out. Over time, the use of candles has spread and today, there are many more houses in which it is used as a decoration object, than the houses in which it is used as a tool when lighting.

This means that more and more decorations are used with decorative candles. We will show you several ideas to inspire you.

Adornos con velas decorativas

The candles as part of the decoration of the home, provide great relaxation to the atmosphere and a lovely warmth, and can be combined in endless options and styles, because today we are offered in a variety of shapes, designs and colors.

Ornaments with decorative tea candles

One of the most used candles today are tea candles. These candles are famous for their ease of use and the convenient packages in which they come. We show you some ideas of ornaments that can serve as inspiration.


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Decorative candle type candles

Another of the most used candles in decoration are the candles. They give us very romantic and enjoyable spaces, so they can be incorporated both in the main room, as in the bedroom or the bathroom. They also look great in arrangements accompanied by flowers, stones or snails; according to your taste and imagination.

These candles usually come scented and are very decorative. Some of the most famous are Christmas apples.

One of the easiest way to make an ornament with this type of candle is with stones, sea snails or seeds.












Candles in candlesticks

Finally, the third most used type of candle is the typical candlestick candles. These candles are only used to decorate romantic nights, since to leave them lit, the normal ones are much more comfortable. But without question, they can make a special occasion look fabulous and unforgettable.


They can be incorporated in a large quantity, which can be used in addition to as a decorative element, as a way of warmer lighting.






As you will see, there is neither a perfect place nor day, because we can benefit from them at all times. However, if you want to reserve them for special moments, you can use them in events such as Christmas, a birthday, an anniversary or in New Years.

For greater security, they can be placed on candlesticks with a large base, which protrudes, or in a container full of stones, to avoid problems with fire.

Romantic decorations with candles

The candles have always been one of the accessories for the decoration of interiors with connotation romantic , so much so that they have become the best choice for lovers of style incorporated into the various spaces of home. They are perfect for setting romantic spaces, as well as for an unforgettable evening with your partner.

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Although they are accessories that could well be considered insignificant, they have great power to add style, warmth and presence to spaces, and more if they are combined with romantic roses or bouquets of flowers.

In addition to the enormous variety of ways in which the current market offers them to us, it allows us all to find the candles that best suit our taste as well as those that are most compatible with the decoration and style of our spaces.

That is why by means of this article, we have wanted to present you several alternative ways to benefit from the romanticism that candles can offer in the various spaces, which you will be able to appreciate below through the photos offered.

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