Building a house on a narrow lot has the challenge of making the environments functional, well lit and with a harmonious structure. Now, we are going to see Desnivel Arquitectos proposal with a construction that uses concrete, brick and steel, which meets these characteristics. Lets see:

Main facade – Design: Desnivel Arquitectos | Photos: Lorena Darquea

The main façade looks modern and open to the outside, the combination of building materials such as polished concrete and gray painted steel harmoniously complements the structure.

Lets see the plans of the house

Left plan first floor, left second level (click to enlarge)

The construction of social and private rooms is within the narrow area of ​​4.70 meters. Later they added a patio located in the back (owner bought more space to expand) where a small pool and terrace are located.

On the ground floor, the living room, dining room and kitchen are located in rooms separated by an interior patio. The garage has space for two cars arranged in a row, a solution that is proposed when the terrain is narrow. We see as an alternative to place a single vehicle on small and narrow terrain, with this -also- the route to the main entrance of the house would be shortened.

Two bedrooms have been designed upstairs, both with bathroom . The main room has the views towards the backyard of the house.

Facade planRear facadeLongitudinal cut plane


Since the construction of the house has been done on a narrow ground, it has allowed to place the main supports or load-bearing walls on both sides of the construction. In addition, the traditional construction system was used with the use of vault or hollow bricks together with joists. The result is the construction of an economical and earthquake resistant house.

In little width amplitude effect

Design interior stairs

We emphasize that the interior of the house has practically no dividing walls on the first floor, this allows natural light to enter all the social rooms without obstacles. The two inner courtyards have been painted green and give a nice effect.

Double-height ceiling room

The living room at the back of the house has been designed with a view towards the garden patio, in this way it has been possible to have better visuals than those that were had towards the street. The high ceiling of the room creates space, in addition to the entry of abundant natural light.

Kitchen design with island

The kitchen looks spacious and cozy, to achieve this this room has been designed longitudinally. A space of approximately 1.2 meters wide has been left for circulation (please see the floor plans of the house).

Bedroom design

Photos: Lorena Darquea

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