One of the great attractions of Christmas is that the festive spirit that characterizes it invites us to transform the decoration of our homes. For that reason, these days we are looking for new proposals to give life to thematic interiors.

Therefore, in order to inspire you, we present you some of the main trends in Christmas arrangements for 2021-2022.

Arreglos navidenos

As November and December approaches, we already begin to see everywhere in the accessory market and arrangements for Christmas. Our Christmas spirit begins to resurface little by little, causing us to start thinking and devising arrangements to give our house a style that transmits joy, vitality and hope in the new year that is also approaching.


Sobriety and minimalism

The affinity with Japanese aesthetics is revealed in a calm and meditative environment. Its predominant colors are pure white, deep black, gold, burgundy red, and cool gray.

The techniques and combination of materials are delicate and are reflected in porcelain vases and sculptural candle holders made of polished wood or metal.

Artfully pleated white or beige paper balls and stars appear as tree and table decorations.

Black is being incorporated into Christmas arrangements, which combined with white and green, looks very elegant. Opaque black vases and spheres.

The Christmas tree decorations are minimalist, and few colors are used, such as a monochromatic theme in red.

Or in black and white.

Nordic and natural decorations

Nature is a great source of inspiration in Nordic decoration. Natural materials, especially wood, are often used in decorative figures, trays, candlesticks, small furniture and Christmas trees.

As for colors, the trend towards natural themes is seen in the predominance of white, beige and green tones. Christmas decorations are also mixed in with flower arrangements, both real and faux flowers, green plants, twigs, and succulents.

The warm golden light is visibly taking over from the cool white light.

Classic and traditional

The traditional Christmas decorating scheme will never go out of style. A combination of red, gold and green decorations is all that is needed to create this classic Christmas feeling.

This style will always be one of your favorite Christmas decorations.

Glamor and opulence

A wave of gold and bronze tones, they provide a look of much glamor and luxury.

An easy way to achieve a harmonious and beautiful Christmas arrangement is to choose a set of main colors, and based on them, create the decoration. For example, below we see that burgundy has been used mainly, which combined with green and gold looks great.

Rose gold is also a trend this year.

Eclectic mixes

It is a vibrant style, full of energy and with a lot of color. Modern and vintage objects are mixed, of different styles, achieving very original and unexpected ornaments.

Ethnic details

It proposes a mix of folk elements with modern embellishments to create a very striking style.

The variety of materials and elements provide a decoration with unexpected, humorous and very colorful touches.

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Colors in Christmas arrangements

Many trends or themes continue for several years, but change slightly from year to year. There continues to be an emphasis on more relaxed and fun styles, and an increased use of colors that would not normally be considered «Christmas colors.» Keeping in mind the trends mentioned above, we suggest these color palettes that can inspire you.

White and crystal

Colors reminiscent of snow: white and transparencies are being used a lot.

Traditional colors: red, green and gold

You can always play with these colors, they will never go out of style.

For lovers of classic Christmas decoration the implementation of simply red and green becomes perfect.


The colors of nature such as brown, green, beige, are another trend.

Beige and gold merge successfully to give us modern and very beautiful Christmas arrangements.


Different shades of gold can be used freely to achieve a very stylish decoration.


Silver gray is combined with blue and green, also achieving a very elegant combination.

Cool shades of gray combined with subtle natural tones like green are perfect for bringing Christmas arrangements to life. This being one of the best ways to combine natural elements in Christmas decorations, recreating cozy and familiar spaces.

Crystal blue

These types of colors, reminiscent of ice and snow, are also a trend.

Another nice option is the combination of pearl blue with silver. Since they are two colors that, when fused, become ideal to bring a festive look to spaces. It is a color that goes very well in ornaments, ribbons and candles especially.

Fuchsia, red, green and light blue

Those who prefer more fun and colorful proposals can opt for the mix of striking colors such as red, light blue, fuchsia and green.

A very refreshing ethnic look is achieved.


Rustic Christmas arrangements

Lovers of rustic decor can make simple wreaths with branches decorated minimally with lights.

The rustic style increasingly occupies a more important place within the trends in modern decoration. That is why these Christmas ideas that incorporate this style can be one of the options to choose from.

As you can see, within these proposals one of the ones that stands out the most is to use metal candelabra with a worn look, in which both white candles and other colors can be seen very well.

Metallic cutlery can also create a very nice accent when contrasted with rustic wood tables and chairs.

Green branches on tables or shelves.

On the other hand, other of the elements most used in this type of decoration are pine cones and pine branches, which are used in Christmas wreaths or as centerpieces.

You can also use fabrics to create accents in the decoration, which can be used on tables, chairs or ornaments.

Modern Christmas arrangements

We present some ideas of modern Christmas arrangements, to make your home a cozy space to be and receive your guests at Christmas. And the best of all is that they are easy to get and many of them inexpensive at the same time, so adopting them will be easy and will give your space a very special touch.

Modern candles and ornaments.

Modern crowns on the wall.

For those looking for a modern look for the tables, decorate them with yellowish gold or pink.

Without a doubt, a beautiful and sophisticated option to entertain our guests.

Trees of different formats.

Original Christmas arrangements

If you are looking for a more original style, we present you a Christmas proposal that consists of decorating with little trees in very creative and different formats.

One way to successfully bring Christmas to the tables can be through small trees like the ones we see below.

In the center of the Christmas table it can also be seen starring Christmas pine trees of different sizes.

This proposal with candles is especially recommended for those who enjoy giving their home a more romantic and refined touch.

Creative tree skirts.

Tights in fun fabrics.

Small trees of original design.

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