As with fashion trends, we see new trends emerging in home decor every few years, tempting us to update our homes, rather than change them entirely. This also happens in the decoration of the living room.

While trends change and evolve, they do so at different rates: some are popular for years but others for only a few seasons.

Decoración del salón

For example, the Nordic trend has been with us for years and yet continues to surprise and delight. But there are also key colors that become the most important thing to decorate our homes.

Abstract design

This fun, free-spirited interior trend takes its inspiration from abstract expressionist art. With bold geometries, hand-drawn sketches, and fun blocks of color, this look is all about expressing personality in our homes. The purpose is to evoke emotions and create a positive mood.

Bold patterns and vibrant colors provide a fun approach to designing living room décor. As with the expressionist art movement, this trend celebrates the imperfection and fluidity of hand-drawn shapes – line drawings play a key focus within this style.

This trend allows you to be daring with colors, even with combinations: try burnished red with navy blue or mustard with mauve.

You can apply this trend in any room where you want to make a statement. It is best represented in throw pillows, bold rugs, and wallpaper designs.

Simple and warm

Evolving from the Nordic trend, this style has a stripped down look. The purpose is to create a quiet, comfortable and relaxed space. It is about making our homes a safe and welcoming space to rest and regenerate.

The new neutrals are inviting as we seek to create a calm yet uplifting space to withdraw from the outside world. This comes from the tendency to be aware of sustainability.

This style is for you:

If you like simple, understated style and straightforward honest pieces, but you still want a home that feels relaxed and comfortable rather than overly minimalist.
If you are drawn to artisan style, natural materials, and raw finishes and prefer to invest in quality pieces rather than quick purchases. Textures and tactile qualities are replacing bold colors to add interest.

Stay away from cool gray, with more yellow neutrals. Go for warm neutrals like oatmeal and natural suede. Beige returns as the perfect base color to build on.

Comfortable and fluffy

Layer up comfy cushions, blankets, fabrics, and faux fur to make the living room feel instantly cozy. This approach can be perfectly carried through winter and can be lightened up for spring and summer.

The emphasis on natural pigments continues to be the root of this trend. Choose a mix of cool blues and grays paired with accents of warmer pinks and browns. This organic color palette can be complemented with washed teal greens and mossy greens, which are easy to blend into a laid-back, neutral scheme.

Comforting textures, soft colors and decorative details are key to the living room this season. Think thick wool blankets with decorative fringes, tassels, and ornaments.

Your home is your refuge, a personal sanctuary that you must enjoy. The sofas feel comfortable and cozy to gather around. You can go for a low-maintenance look with worn woods, faded tones, and time-worn finishes.

This homey look is perfect for places with character, be it a period property or a country house, this style pairs well with parquet floors, beams and exposed brick. Style with a mix of old and new home to add charm.

Eclectic glamor

This trend reinvents the sophisticated elegance of the thirties with a bit of sexy opulence in the style of the seventies. Furniture with curves and flowing shapes take center stage in this elegant style. Think elegant chairs from the 1920s with shell-shaped backs and soft edges.

Choose rich hues for key pieces, such as royal blue or ruby, mixed with warmer shades of ocher, pink, and bronze. Apply metallic touches: Think gleaming gold, copper, brass, and bronze.

Show off your quirky side with a glamorous cocktail cart in the living room, quirky wallpaper, and plush textiles in dark tones.

Velvet reigns supreme for seasons to come, especially when it comes to furniture. With tactile qualities going for it, this look is adorned with piping, tassels, and fringes.

Ideal home-style tip: Opt for an eye-catching, plush sofa to anchor your scheme, paired with a pair of cocktail chairs in a contrasting hue. Weave the space with gold and brass accents in furniture, lighting, and cushions.

Investing in a velvet sofa is a great way to achieve style. However, if youre not ready to take that step, opting for a velvet cocktail chair or glamorous lighting fixture will offer affordable updates for the salon.


This nostalgic trend celebrates and reinvents mid-century interiors and designs. A fusion of several decades is used, from the color palette of the 70s, the scalloped forms of Art Deco, to the characteristic furniture styles of the 50s.

If its a classic from a bygone era, it can be used in interiors right now.

Bauhaus is known for its clean lines and its simple yet elegant aesthetic. To achieve a practical but modern aesthetic, in line with the Bauhaus philosophy, opt for contemporary design pieces with clean lines.


There has been a strong element of Japanese design that has been present in interior collections for the last few seasons. Various furnishing and furnishing houses have presented us with collections replete with rich silk textures, elegant bird motifs, stylized oriental prints, and structured furniture shapes.

A mix of elegant Japanese minimalism and rustic Scandinavian simplicity, Japandi is a hybrid trend that brings together the best of these two much-loved styles. This trend is for you if your home is your sanctuary and you take a less is more approach with uncluttered spaces, clean lines, and a calm, subdued color palette.

Keep the color palette soft. Take on the calming shades of pale blue, soft green, light gray, and pink. You can revitalize the space with accents of richer tones, such as teal, indigo, rust, emerald, and black. For furniture, mix pale blonde Scandinavian woods with Japanese-style black and dark woods to add depth.

Choosing quality over quantity will give small spaces a feeling of spaciousness. While more intricate patterns and bold dark pieces work just as well in larger rooms.

Elements of Scandinavian hygge and the Japanese wabi-sabi theory can also be combined. This trend finds beauty in simple things.

Soft lighting, like this bamboo floor lamp, helps add a soft ambient light that will keep homes calm and serene at all times.

Botanical prints

This uplifting trend is a joyous celebration of nature. Botanical prints are delivered in a softer format, diluted by a desaturated color palette this season.

There is a strong painterly element in many of the designs, making the look feel less imposing than tropical palms from previous seasons.

Ethnic prints

This trend, which has continued since last season, is a celebration of diverse, globally inspired patterns, taking homes on a journey of global eclecticism. The look welcomes the fusion of decorative Ikats, paisleys and intricate blocky Indian prints. Rich tones and rough textures symbolize the authentic, artisan style of this nomadic trend.

Look for hand-dyed textiles with rich earthy pigments and handmade pottery. Its all in the details with this look – think tassels, pom poms, and macrame details on everything from cushions to wall art.

This look celebrates the beauty of craftsmanship. Building on the raw beauty of imperfect finishes, this trend is about making natural materials look effortlessly elegant.

Natural pigments, such as ocher and terracotta, extracted from the depths of the earth, from clays and volcanic rocks, have been used by artists around the world for generations.

Its this truly rich color palette that ensures your living space feels warm and inviting by embracing this trend.

Multifunctional space

Multifunctional is the keyword for salons in the new normal. Now that our homes are turning into offices, gyms, and places of recreation, smart storage ideas are a must.

For example, a storage ottoman will provide space for storing gym equipment or office supplies. While a folding desk will allow smaller spaces to be transformed into offices.

People may well be looking for versatile furniture and flexible storage units that work throughout the home, creating smart and perfect combinations for a variety of needs and solutions.

Impactful rugs

Laying a rug injects an additional level of underfoot comfort while providing a way to introduce color into the room and delineate spaces.

Consider big, bold prints with large-scale patterns and bright color combinations to create a focal point in the room.


More and more rooms are filled with succulents that are easy to care for and larger leafy plants that add a sense of escapism, calm and relaxation.

Add texture with Bouclé

The trend for this knotty textile took off in 2020 and shows no signs of stopping. Opt for an eye-catching bouclé piece like a sofa, or a textured cushion. Contrast is important when adding this soft fabric.

Sumptuous curves

We have seen the popularity of curvilinear furniture grow as an attractive alternative to the angular lines of more traditional pieces. In particular, there has been a shift from the more formal arrangement of two sofas facing each other in favor of more relaxed and curvilinear shapes that provide comfort and ample space for entertaining.

With flowing lines, scalloped edges, and beautiful ribbing, we love the vibrant finish of the plush velvet and striking tall tapered legs.


Natural textures like woven rattan and jute, plus desert hues like terra cotta, sand, and beige, will all be popular as the goal is to create natural environments where we can really disconnect from our busy lives. .

Light blue

Soft and versatile shades like pink and sky blue have seen a surge in popularity for the upcoming season. Blue works perfectly in spaces where you want to give a feeling of tranquility.

Blue is one of the colors that requires our eyes to adjust little or not at all, which helps to create a feeling of rest and harmony at home. It brings a sense of calm, but is also vibrant, injecting more life and energy into a space than a more traditional neutral shade.


Pink is an increasingly popular choice for a wide variety of living room styles. Soft, dark pink hues can flatter any space and reflect our renewed desire to use shades of blush in adult spaces and introduce more color overall into our surroundings.

A refreshing alternative to other warm neutrals like cream or beige is pink that is soft enough to flatter a multitude of looks, yet bright enough to add an explosion of playfulness to a room, evoking rebirth in spring. .

Earthy colors

This season mixes neutrals with pops of color, with rich, earthy tones that add personality and depth.


Green is the true color of nature, it is one we associate with the tranquility of the outdoors, making it an ideal shade for relaxation areas of the home.

For a quiet living space, consider using green on all walls for a cozy and enveloping feel. Sumptuous jewel tones add warmth and impact to a room.

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