Season after season, fashion imposes new trends and decoration is of course no exception, hence today we wanted to present the main trends and many ideas and tips on how to decorate a room , through a huge number of photos that can be useful. inspiration.

The living room is the room in the house where we receive guests, chat with our family and even relax after a hectic day. This is why its decoration is important.

Cómo decorar una sala

Define what we will use it for

Before starting to decorate a living room, we must decide the purpose of the room, in addition to allowing all the family and friends to sit and chat comfortably. Also decide what style of decoration we want and take into account that it is a space where tranquility must reign in order to feel comfortable.

Room to watch movies, series and television

If we are going to use it, among other things, to watch television, then it is essential to think about where we will place the TV, to know where the armchairs and the sofa should go.

The armchairs should, in addition to being ready to watch TV, also to be able to have a comfortable chat with the family.

A central table can be added, to be able to place glasses, cups and other objects.

Around the fireplace

Another central point to distribute the pieces of the room, can be a fireplace.

The fascinating beauty of the llamas is usually very attractive to everyone, in addition to making us warm in the cold winters.

A room to chat

If you are only interested in its function being that of a comfortable corner to chat with family and friends, then you should think that the chairs should be facing each other as much as possible.

And of course, a low table in the middle will be essential to be able to place drinks and food.

Colors for a room

In the difficult task of how to decorate a room, we must also decide on the colors.

Light and neutral colors

You will be able to see how light tones are preferred over dark ones, since bright, fresh spaces that provide a greater sense of spaciousness are always preferred.

Hints of color

Many times we seek to convey enthusiasm, vitality and joy both through the most fun and colorful garments, shoes and accessories, as well as through the decoration of our spaces. That is why color, applied to some furniture or ornaments, can be essential to give the room an appearance that reflects optimism.

The key is not always in the incorporation of numerous decorative items, but that a few colorful elements of good taste, are able to fill the spaces with joy and good energy.

For this we mainly recommend opting for shades such as orange, turquoise, green, bright blue and red. Tonalities that also enjoy enormous popularity this season, so in addition to injecting a high dose of vitality, you will be giving your living room a very modern style.

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Ornaments and accessories

As for accessories, although they do not occupy a central role in the decoration of rooms, they are also important. Cushions, rugs, spiders and flowers, whether the latter are natural or dried, can help you in this beautiful task.

Any of these accessories, either individually or together, have the ability to give spaces more functionality, comfort and warmth.

Through accessories we can add color and textures. This is very important to achieve an attractive decoration.


The living rooms are one of those places in the house in which harmony and tranquility become more important, since we spend an important part of our free time there. That is why we wanted to present you some extremely relaxing proposals that choose to incorporate plants in their decoration.

It is an excellent proposal for people who do not have green spaces where they can enjoy the outdoors. In these rooms, we bet on good lighting and the incorporation of some plants or bonsai, which provide the characteristic freshness of green spaces. This color is one of the ones that most relaxes the eyes. Plants give spaces a much more comfortable, harmonious and relaxing appearance.

Therefore, it is also an excellent idea to incorporate subtle details but with presence such as carpets, curtains or cushions in green. Green walls can also provide a very successful style in spaces, even more so if it is combined with the light effect of white.

How to decorate a small room

It is not uncommon for the room to be small. If this is the case, there are some tips and tricks so that we can enjoy this small room and even visually enlarge it.

Choosing the right furniture

If you have a small living room, you should choose the sofa well, as it will be the main element of the room.

The shape and size of the sofa should be chosen based on the surface that it has. You can choose a corner sofa, or a sofa that is to be associated with two chairs or two small sofas.

Choose a coffee table that occupies only the necessary space.

Auxiliary furniture should be minimalist. Preferably use shallow shelves and bookcases.


When you have to develop a small space, the selected colors play an important role. In the living room, light colors will bring light into the room. Those who love colors can add subtle touches by placing colored cushions, for example. To expand a room, a striped rug will give the piece length.

For height, striped curtains can also help, as well as floor-to-ceiling curtains.

Another of the widely used tricks is to paint the back wall in a dark color. This will add depth to the room.

Music and TV equipment

These appliances usually use a lot of space. If possible, you should hang them on the wall.

DVD players can be hidden in a closet.

How to decorate a dining room

Decorating a living room and dining room in the same room can seem complex. However, we will show you some ideas and tips to organize a dining room with style and elegance.

Arrange the armchairs as an extension of the dining room

In this old factory transformed into a family home, the living room and the dining room are one. The sofa is an extension of the dining table. The dining room is in the center of the room, surrounded by sofas and a stove.

Subtly separate the living room and dining room

When you want to clearly distinguish the living room and the dining room without completely separating them, a few small details are enough. For example, the use of a step, or the same sofa that acts as a room divider.

Use a harmonious and unifying decoration

Adopting a similar decor throughout the room to match the two spaces. This photo is a perfect example, with the use of two main tones, black and white, present throughout the room, be it furniture or accessories.

One tip for organizing a dining room and living room is to choose a similar layout so that they both have the same atmosphere. It is seen in this house in Norway, where the room is covered in wood from floor to ceiling. The light wood tones allow a unification of both spaces.

Bright space

Light is one of the features to consider when including dining room and living room in the same room. In this Melbourne home, floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the garden let light shine throughout the room.

Tear down a wall to unify the living room and dining room

Instead of having two small rooms, why not tear down a wall to unify them into a larger space? This method allows light to enter the entire space and highlights every square meter.

Minimalist rooms

One of the styles that stands out is the minimalist decoration, therefore, we bet on spaces that give the feeling of spaciousness, with a small number of decorative furniture and accessories and on neutral and soft tones.

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