Green radiates calm and calming vibes, making it a perfect color to design any space in the house. In addition, it reminds us of nature and helps us bring the outdoors into our home with its bright hues.

We love this color because it has the serenity of a neutral color, but at the same time it brings a lot of energy and character. In case you are looking for inspiration to add this color to your home, here are our green decorating ideas.

Decoración verde

When used correctly, it can make a soft and delicate statement in any room. It is especially perfect for a bedroom, where it can be relaxing, refreshing and invigorating at the same time. It is a flexible color, easy to apply in our decoration, which brings a lot of harmony.

Warm green

Warm green in particular has a yellow tint, as we can see in some shades such as apple or lime green. It can be used on a sofa and cushions to level a completely white room. You can include natural wood furniture, a rug in rustic beige, and use cushions in a lighter or darker shade of a similar green on the sofa.

Cool green

Cool shades of green have a blue undertone, such as mint, turquoise, or teal. Although these shades can be intense, use a pastel shade like soft jade for the walls and include dark blue accents in the rest of the room.


Think about the style of your decoration. A soft and sage green, in particular, works well with modern and rustic styles that use a lot of wood in the furniture.

Dark green

Dark green, like forest hues, works great with a more classic and mainstream look, and you can mix it with other rich shades like burgundy, crimson, or brown for an exquisite look.


The apple green walls, combined with rich textures, perfectly complement the rustic decorations.

Chartreuse or lime

If youre into ultra-vibrant hues, try chartreuse or lime green, paired with red or purple, for a striking vibe.


You can use mint green walls as a background for a wide variety of styles and designs.

A living room with this color on the walls and armchairs in red tones can ignite the senses. You can use pictures, cushions, and rugs in vibrant colors to brighten up the space.


An olive green wall allows a space to be soothing to the eyes and mind. It can transform a boring room into a cozy and refreshing one.

Bluish greens

In any case, dont let the usual mixes stop you from being innovative. Teal green can enhance a space where neutral colors predominate, making it an ideal choice for curtains, rugs, or armchairs.

Combined with neutrals

Green looks crisp and vivid when paired with different nature-related hues. For a modern look, you can combine avocado green with tan and ecru accessories.

You can make a neutral white and gray canvas on the walls and floor, and then include a burst of color with a neon green hue.

You can also paint a single wall green as a decorative accent, while the rest of the decor is kept in neutral colors.

Combined with opposite colors

If youre looking for a punchy combination, red is opposite green on the color wheel, so theyll be an exciting mix. Use a teal bedspread and a dark rust-colored bed skirt for an eclectic feel.

On the other hand, you can use light green and pink for a youth room.

Teal and cherry red is another of the luxurious combinations that we can use to highlight textures.

Combined with adjacent colors

Some shades of green work very well with adjacent colors, such as yellow or blue. Take a look at the color wheel to discover blends adjacent to each other to create a harmonic color scheme. This will help maintain a calm state of mind in the room.

Some of the preferred combinations today are blush pink and sage green (opposite colors), as well as sapphire blue and emerald green (adjacent colors).

Triadic palette

In case you want a more energetic palette, try a triadic color scheme, which uses the two opposite shades on the color wheel that form a triangle, for example green, orange and purple.

Decorations in lavender tones will add softness to the room. They are really perfect to complement the details in green. Meanwhile, lavender plants bring the fragrance of nature into the room.

Different shades of green

The different shades of green work wonderfully together, so feel free to combine shades that are dark and light, or more yellowish or bluish. This is known as monochrome décor, and it never fails.

Think of all the shades of green in the trees and plants that surround you every day. A soft green color is perfectly combined with almost all other shades.

You can include a lot of green or just small amounts. You can also be inspired by the tones of the sea or your garden, or even mint ice creams or pieces of jewelry.

Green color for the bedroom

Green is probably the best color for bedrooms, as it can have both cool and warm elements, and there is a wide variety of shades available.

With green, you can design your bedroom in a traditional, modern or even eclectic style. Also, it looks great with wooden furniture.

Rejuvenated, stimulated, in contact with nature, this is all you can feel when you surround yourself with green colors. With these great benefits, we can feel the positive vibes as soon as we wake up in the morning.

For someone with a busy lifestyle, coming home to a room with beautiful green walls can refresh your senses. The bedroom is, in effect, like an oasis: quiet and relaxing.

As indicated by Feng Shui, green is an excellent color for a bedroom, as it represents freshness, peace and growth.

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