Modern headboards can give our bedrooms a truly chic touch without too much effort, as there are plenty of stylish and easy-to-make proposals. They can really make a difference in the decoration of our bedroom.

So today we present some of these ideas of various styles that are easy to do at home, with a little ingenuity.

Cabeceros de cama modernos

Many times they can become our best allies when it comes to adding color, style and dimension to our walls, characteristics that can be added together or individually. In some, the main feature is the reliefs, in others instead the inclusion of strong colors and many others the work is done by textures and beautiful materials. So, as you will see, finding a proposal that adapts to the desired style for your bedroom will be nothing more than letting your imagination soar.

Modern Hanging Headboards

As is the case in the following photo, in which a beautiful edged wood has been placed on the wall, as a shelf, and from which a padded cushion has been hung that spans the width of the bed. If you opt for a quilted type headboard, this element can become our best friend when it comes to enjoying a while reading in bed, since it will serve as a comfortable backrest.

In the next photo, a mini curtain has been hung. The beauty of this headboard lies in the black bar and the pretty lime green curtain with many black legends.

The next photo is another example that with a little ingenuity you can achieve a fabulous headboard. A tapestry has been hung from a cane, achieving a rustic decoration, very boho chic.



Headboards made with ornaments

This effective way of adding interest to our bedrooms can also have useful functionality, leaving each one to choose whether to opt for an aesthetically flattering proposal or another that maximizes functionality. Below we see two headboards made with decorative elements, which do not offer functionality but do offer a lot of decorative value.

Headboards with decorative panels

Another very easy and effective way is to add decorative panels. The variety of its shapes, materials and colors can be infinite.

002 001

This padded backrest adds a touch of elegance and practicality if you are one of those who enjoys reading comfortably in bed.

Old door or window frames can be used, as we see in the image above.

Headboards painted on the wall

One of the cheapest and fastest ways is to paint them on the wall. It is one of the most fashionable ideas today.

Lined headboards

This headboard has been lined with patterned fabric, achieving a very retro aesthetic, from the mid-20th century, to which appeal has been added with the addition of matching side tables and lamps.

Hand painted headboards

One way to renew and bring an old headboard to life is to paint it with colorful designs.

A blue background is the canvas for drawing branches and flowers.

Or a more striking color contrasting with cheerful cushions.

For dreamers, the princely touch of this style.

Table headboards

Beds with wooden headboards are very suitable for any bedroom style that is intended, as they give a touch of class and elegance. It should be noted that they look great both in mens or womens rooms, as well as childrens rooms.


A headboard in reclaimed rustic wood, which unites the rustic with the modern. The old and broken look has been preserved.


A robust headboard in brown, very simple to achieve, but very elegant, with an impressive presence.

A clean minimalist decoration in perfect symmetry, with a headboard that only consists of one table.

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