A rural house design that uses both the elements of bioclimatic architecture such as cross ventilation to keep cool on summer days, as well as solar panels for energy supply and heating water in winter, in terms of wastewater it has an organic treatment; a beautiful country home that can be used permanently or for the holiday season.

Exterior design of ecological rural house

On the outside, the rural house looks beautiful with a large sloping roof that protects it from natural agents, the galvanized corrugated panels play an important role both for aesthetics and functionality, they will change their patina according to the passage of time.

Casa rural con paneles metálicos galvanizadosExterior covered with galvanized steel corrugated panels

Interior shows wood and metal structures

Diseno interior casa rural modernaIn one area: living room, dining room and kitchen
Diseno de dormitorio casa ruralBeautiful views of the forest from the bedroom

Plan of the rural house with an area of ​​160 M2

Plano de casa rural 160 metros cuadrados

The plan of the house shows a simple configuration of the spaces within a rectangular shape, the main entrance is through the central part (Deck – in the plan) to the right the spaces such as the living room and an outdoor dining room are distributed, towards the left the three north-facing bedrooms (a location conducive to construction in the southern hemisphere).

There are large openings in the living room – dining room that allow us to have the best views of the forest, the kitchen with an island is close to the entrance, which allows serving both the social and private areas for the greater comfort of the occupants.

The room connects directly with the outdoor dining room, being a meeting point for family gatherings and rest.

A toilet area has been designed where the toilet has been separated from the shower and sink space, in some rural houses it is possible to design the bathroom outdoors where dry ecological toilets or other environmentally friendly technologies can be implemented; In this case, a wastewater treatment is carried out with worms, with this treatment the water can be reused for the irrigation of plants.

Structural steel frame

Estructura metálica casa ruralInner structure

A prefabricated steel grid-type structure has been used and it has been complemented with wood for both the frames and interior panels for ceiling and walls, the metallic corrugated panels serve as an economic protection and have a good visual appearance as we have seen in the photos of the facades of this beautiful rural house.

Estructura metálica casa de campoExterior structure

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Design: Archterra Architects

Location: Australia

Area: 160 M2

Via:  lunchboxarchitect

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