On October 31 there is a party that becomes more and more international, we are talking about Halloween , a Celtic festival that was originally celebrated in countries such as the United States, Canada, Ireland, the United Kingdom, Mexico and Colombia, and that today it has spread to the most remote corners of the globe.

Therefore, for all those who plan a party and surprise their guests, we wanted to present some of the trends in decoration for Halloween 2021.

Decoración para Halloween


For the decoration of doors; skulls, pumpkins, wreath of the dead …


October is coming and with it, the Halloween party. A distinctly Anglo-Saxon holiday that in recent years has spread throughout the world, including Spain and Latin America, to become another holiday for young and old. If you are one of those who take advantage of October to decorate with this theme and create a fun pumpkin atmosphere, you will love these three suggestions.

The pumpkins that are usually used are natural ones, which you can easily work with a blade to create a nose, eyes and mouth, although there are also resin and plastic ones. You can use them in the garden, placing them at the entrance on the ground or on tables or other garden furniture, placing pots with flowers inside or simply leaving them to be, to place candles inside on Halloween night.

If you dont want to make them «faces» because you place them outside a pot at the entrance, fastening them with a small bow to a pot that already has a chain to hang on. With a few, you create a cute October atmosphere.

For the reception; black cats, illuminated pumpkins …


Wall decorations; posters or themed graphic designs …

As you will see, a huge diversity of proposals that can make your wit fly and your party unforgettable for both you and your guests.

With pumpkins

We are close to the date of Halloween and surely they are organizing a party to enjoy with family and friends. And as we know that in the organization of it, the decoration occupies a central role, is that we present several ideas in decoration with pumpkins , an element intimately associated with these holidays.

Carving phrases or various names can also be a very effective way to implement pumpkins in your Halloween party decorations.

Those who aspire to more original decorations can make elaborate lamps with them, in addition to being able to paint them in different colors. As you will see, the possibilities are really very wide, the limitation being in the forms of the same that we choose or can find, and in the designs that we choose to put in them. Lets look at some examples.

As you will see, there are many variants in this type of decorative elements, which are governed both by the shape of the pumpkins and by the shapes that we decide to draw on them.

One of the most popular and beautiful proposals is to carve shapes on the pumpkins and then place candles inside the same, so that the different figures that we carve there are the place where the light comes out.

Carving phrases or various names can also be a very effective way to implement pumpkins in your Halloween party decorations.

Table centerpieces

The month of witches began and with it the need for us to gradually think about how to surprise our friends for this year. The diversity of decorations for Halloween is immense and here we will review the best ideas to apply to the centerpieces , through some very funny photos .

The classic pumpkin is an element that probably cannot be absent, but there are those who believe that it is time to use new things, so a second option may be to choose different shapes for the face and eyes, such as witches. or bats.

Another simple style is to place tree branches in a vase, paint them black, add cotton wool that looks like mist and finally put pictures of black crows, cats or bats, made with cardboard.

If you are a mother and you want something for your young children that is more innocent and not scary, this option below can be a fun idea.

But better than any word, are the images, so you can take the best of each one and make your own centerpiece for the next Halloween.

Table decoration

As you will see, ingenuity makes the possibilities infinite in this type of decoration, but since we do not all have the same ingenuity, we have found it a good idea to present some original ideas.

Candies table; cans full of sweets with the hands of the dead poking out, sweets in themed shapes …

For table decoration; the best allies pumpkins, simile spider webs, themed tableware …

Zara Home Halloween decoration

We love Zara Home , where novelties abound to decorate the home . And now that Halloween is approaching, that in a few days we will be enjoying the occasion, you still have time to add some decorative details to the rooms of the home, taking advantage of the proposals of this firm, a small collection with beautiful details to create atmosphere in this popular party.

There are many things to choose from, for every environment. You will find crockery and glassware as well as other materials in glasses, plates and others so that you can serve your rich dishes in beautiful options allusive to this date.

There is no shortage of gothic motifs and traditional pumpkins, there are black napkin rings and skulls that are candles, picture frames that you will love, and bath towels with details for the occasion, there really is everything. For your drinks, glasses with gothic details and glasses in black, you will create an environment that everyone will admire.

In addition, gothic slippers, some details for the wall, napkin rings with skulls, Halloween decoration is more than just putting pumpkins.

Some bright details remind us that the celebration reaches its peak at night, when children receive their candies and young people and adults lend themselves to dress up and have fun with a party that, as we have said, becomes more popular every day.

Colors such as orange are present along with black in these options where they are also covered with party motifs.

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