For all those who have ever heard of this magnificent Canadian interior designer, this time we will do a brief review of some of her most recent work, which can serve us as great inspiration.

Specifically, below we will see some designs of living rooms or rooms, kitchens and bedrooms typical of the decorator Candice Olson , with the best style, elegance and functionality.

Candice Olson

Candice Olsons Living Room Decor

General advice

As you can see in the images, none of these rooms is something difficult to imagine, or rather, not very mundane. And that is what makes them better, since Olson has the characteristic of making wonderful rooms that, far from being something unattainable for ordinary people, are sophisticated, but at the same time clearly simple.


When it comes to our homes, we have to try to make them look their best. Candice Olsons designs show that an amazing place can be made as well as realistic. It is best to use furniture and accessories that are best suited to the available space. It can include only one sofa, while another can include two sofas and several armchairs, for example. Olson pays close attention to the overall appearance in his designs. Colors are also very important as they can greatly affect the overall look. Living rooms are supposed to be cozy, and Candice achieves this through the interplay between the colors of the walls and the furniture, the style of the upholstery on the sofas, and the addition of decorative elements in different places.

Using different materials also helps, especially limestone and parquet. Another difficult decision is the integration of a living room with a kitchen and a dining room, for example. A perfect harmony must be achieved between the three spaces in order to make them visually acceptable. In these photos you will see some examples that can inspire you.


L-shaped armchairs

One of the tips of Decorando con Candice, are the armchairs, where those with an «L» shape are recommended, because they are a «plus» of comfort, good taste and modern airs.


Wall color and curtains

The second is the need for the wall color to be directly related to the color of the curtains, because otherwise any combination can end up on the floor.


With regard to the furniture used, a clear modern accent can be glimpsed in some and contemporary in others, depending on the style and needs of each one. Contemporary models are probably more suitable for families, while modern ones are more suitable for couples or people who live alone.


The other fundamental role is fulfilled by the cushions, about which we leave you this link , so that you can observe some very interesting ideas to complement the rest of the room with them.


Candise Olsons Kitchens

Decorative flooring

Make a statement on your kitchen floor. Two-tone gray stripes, made of concrete-like material, add an unexpected touch to this contemporary kitchen.


Creative dashboards

The backsplashes add character to the kitchen. This cream embossed backsplash adds beauty to the wall.


Multifunctional kitchens

The kitchens can also be used for eating. A kitchen island for these purposes is an excellent idea, space permitting.


This island features a stunning white quartz countertop, white and chrome bar chairs, and a dark wood base to match the mahogany flooring.


Or like this large kitchen with French-style accessories.


Open space

Pulling a wall can add space to your kitchen, seamlessly integrating the kitchen with the dining room, with a kitchen island to separate the two environments.


Use a similar color to unify environments

Integrate the kitchen with the living room or dining room through color. Here we see that the brown cabinets coordinate well with the black sofa and the khaki walls.


Durable materials

Here, three types of porcelain tiles and the storage cabinet have been used, designed to withstand time.


Update Cabinets

Instead of changing cabinets, you can add a new finish to them.



Two tones are more interesting than one, as we see in this Divine Design kitchen, which also stands out for its Art Deco design.


Candice Olsons bedrooms

Organic materials

Candice brings one of her favorite color palettes into this space: warm toned fabrics and bedding. Create a wall-mounted headboard and platform bed.


Multifunctional bedrooms

If space allows it, a bedroom can also be a living room, to be able to enjoy a moment of relaxation or reading. Brown and olive green, in fabrics and leather, make up a very serene room.



In this image below, a timeless and classic design has been emphasized.


In this room, Candice chooses fabrics that capture light and shine.


Brown and light blue are another of the favorite color combinations for this designer.



Another bedroom inspired by a French style.


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Candice Olson bedding

Candice Olson is one of the brands that year after year delights us with its renewed proposals in all kinds of furniture and clothing for the home. In this case, we are pleased to present you the lookbook of the firm in bedding, which is presented to us with the high quality characteristic of the firm and an enormous good taste and style.

Each one of the proposals presented is a true statement of elegance and creativity; in addition to the fact that each of them are built from the highest quality of materials, which is reflected in the enormous softness of the fabrics in their ability to retain heat for longer.

The enormous number of color variants that we can choose from makes it one of the most popular catalogs year after year. On this occasion, for example, we find platinum black, beige, blue, khaki, red, silver and gold.

In addition, as you will see, the firms bed line is one of the most complete, since it consists of sheets, bedspreads, cushions and covers. All created from polyester or cotton.

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