The corridors are usually narrow, dark and unsightly. However, we can give it many uses, such as a library or a souvenir photo gallery. Many times they are so narrow that it is difficult to give them a function or to make them look nice and pleasant.

That is why we show you some inspiring ideas on how to decorate corridors or corridors in an aesthetic way and, if possible, add some functionality to them.

Decorar pasillos o corredores

Decorate with mirrors

One of the best ways to widen a narrow hallway is to add oversized floor-to-ceiling mirrors. If its a lot, you can try a wide, framed mirror.

The mirror will add brightness and depth to the hallway. Another way to decorate hallways using mirrors is to place a collection of framed mirrors of different sizes and styles, but in the same color palette. The important thing about decoration with mirrors is that they are able to expand and illuminate.

Clear and bright paint

In addition to expanding with mirrors, you can try luminous paint. The light is reflected and is able to widen a dark and narrow corridor. Remember that cold colors do the opposite and if you paint a hallway in a cold color, it will not only reduce the space but it will make it look like the wall is falling on you.

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Another way to decorate a hallway or corridor is through lights. You can try a striking design, which is sure to add style, or you can add different lights and lamps to disorient the eyes from noticing how narrow the walls are.

Or try hanging lamps of different lengths and sizes. It is important that you take into account the size of the corridor to place a certain design of lamps.

Ornaments or paintings

You can place decorations on the walls, such as sculptures, pictures, or a narrow table with a vase and give them light. This will bring the focal point to the ornament, creating an optical illusion of flare.

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Try wallpapers and objects for personality and style. Use your imagination and creativity, it is the best way to give a good decoration to this space that is usually not very aesthetic.

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