With the times that we are passing, in which buying ornaments for the house has become almost a luxury, the originality of many people is sharpened and use what they have at home to turn it into new things that can help change the decoration for complete, it is one of the options that we must always keep in mind.

This makes DIY (do it yourself, as it is known in English) has become an icon of many people when it comes to decorating: crafts with recycled material .

Manualidades con material reciclado

From the simplest things like putting a mural on a wall of the house made by us instead of buying a vinyl, to bending the tips of a fork to turn it into a beautiful painting, a coat rack, a key ring and hundreds of other options, everything you can think of is allowed.

Crafts with recycled material: forks

Many times we throw things away without knowing how many uses it can be put to and how beautiful it can be in a new place. What did you not know about all these uses that can be given to a fork?

Portraits holder

Simply bend the tines of the fork to get a base.


Card holder

You can bend the tines or the handle of the fork.


Coat rack

Another very simple craft to achieve a wall coat rack. The fork is hammered to make its teeth flatter. The forks handle and tines are bent and then attached to a board.


Key chain


Fabric origami box

A beautiful gift box, since it can store all kinds of small objects such as jewelry. In addition, it is very decorative. And it can be done with any type of fabric scrap that is in your home. The leftover fabrics always give us a lot of possible crafts with recycled material.

As a first step you will have your piece of fabric, square on the table (the size will depend on how big you want to make it). Already being starched, you will pass the iron to facilitate its manipulation.

Observing this first figure you will have to get a square that has four identical triangles that meet in the center. You will achieve this by doubling the square in quarters and joining the corners with the center, twice.

Then you will follow the shape of the square, but you will reduce its size, folding the four sides, proportionally, as in the image.

Followed by that, you will undo those folds again and it will be something like that.

Now you will open two of the opposite faces completely and leave the other two intact. To the two that you opened, you will press the sides of the lid inwards.

Then you will take the rest of that fold, by means of a hem and help of glue to form one of the walls of the origami.

Finally you will repeat that procedure, first with the opposite lid and then with the other two. If you are wondering how to make the origami cover, you will simply have to make a larger mold, but with smaller hems, in this last step.

We recommend decorating it with an ornament on top, for example fabric flowers.

Step by step video box in origami

Here you will understand it better:

You can see how to make flowers here: How to make paper or fabric flowers

Paper ornament

If you are one of those who, when they have a free afternoon, like to make crafts to give as gifts or to decorate their house, then this idea may interest you. Today we will show you how to make a ball with spikes or Ā«porcupineĀ», based on paper, to decorate the home.

The materials needed are paper, scissors, ruler, pencil, needle, thread, rubber, and glue.

You will take white sheets from the printer and an old CD. You will use it as a mold to achieve a circle.

You will divide the outer circle as seen in the image and then with the scissors you will cut out the lines drawn.

Then you will roll each white tip and stick it with a little glue. Make ten of these stars.

Take a small piece of rubber band; Pass the thread and tie a knot.

He will place five stars with their flat side down, one above the other, and will insert the thread through the middle.

Then he will place the other five next to these, but facing the opposite side, joining them with the thread as well (before finishing and knotting it, place a second piece of elastic band).

Here it will be relatively early, although with a lack of form. Play with the rubber bands, the thread and the paper itself to achieve the best result.

Crafts with a strainer

Decorating and recycling is a very creative task that allows us to take advantage of elements that we have at home, and also save money. We show you a great idea, which is to take advantage of an old strainer. With our modernity today, food grinders continue to be used but not as much as it used to be, because today everything is automated and we can do a thousand things without having to use it, but if you have one, why not take advantage of it to decorate?

Now you can take your old food processor to decorate the house, using it as a planter on the living room table, or a hanging planter if you add a piece to hang it from the ceiling near a window, an adorable solution. You can use it as a lampshade, although you should be careful to make the connections and that it looks good but is also safe, we do not want to damage the electrical installation or expose ourselves to something burning, pay attention to that.

And you can also make a cute centerpiece, matching the color of the strainer and placing a candle. It is a great idea to decorate at Christmas, or when you have a special dinner, a simple detail becomes a fabulous alternative.

Recycled toys

So are you out of the toys? Sort them out and pick a few. You can donate them, trade them, hide them indefinitely, or even throw them away. But a good idea that has been implemented recently is to reuse those toys that we once loved. Here I present some inspiring ideas to recycle those toys that we have archived for a long time; some are practical, and some not so much.

Transform those little plastic pieces into art.

Build beautiful vases or pots from Lego pieces.

Create original latches for drawers with old wooden toys.

Let a plastic soldier take care of our books.

Use the old collectible cars to form beautiful mobiles.

Put the unforgettable Lego characters on a wall clock.

Wall key holder

Creating a true accent on the walls often becomes a challenge, but not because it is something difficult to achieve, but because many times we do not realize that a small creative detail on them can make them something really surprising. That is why today we wanted to present you a proposal that is very easy to carry out and that can really give the hall a different and decorative touch. It is a simple, oversized keychain built from a rustic branch.

This idea is especially recommended for those who want to give their walls a good look without having to spend on expensive wallpapers or valuable works of art. You will not need more than a piece of wood, the kind that are found at the bottom of rivers or lagoons, since they present a more interesting aspect thanks to the erosion that water makes them, or a branch thrown in a forest. Hooks, a drill, and a few screws will also be needed to attach the piece of wood to the wall.

We can play with the size and shape of the wood to give this key holder a personalized touch, which will make it unique.

First, the key holder hooks are placed on the wood

Place the amount you want.

On the opposite side, you put two small hooks to hang the branch from the wall.

Of course, on the wall you will need to install the retaining screw.

Button crafts

Animal figures made with buttons of different sizes can be made.

Simple and pretty ideas like these are worth sharing.

Or draw moons with pretty and decorative buttons.

To give as gifts, to decorate the house, to do with the children and at the same time to recycle.

Handmade candles

Countless eggshells are discarded in food production every day, someone very creative has come up with a way to use them to create a fun and simple candle and at least partially minimize this enormous waste.

First you have to clean the empty eggshells, then a hole is carefully made through which the hot wax is poured next to the wick that will act as a wick and thats it.

It is a very decorative candle because its special shape makes it possible for it to float on water.

Recycle old doors

Old wooden doors have that charm that is impossible to waste. Recycling and reusing old items not only contributes to the environment but is also very fashionable. It is about giving new utility to objects made of noble materials such as wood or iron that have been masterfully crafted by ancient craftsmen.

There are doors that deserve to be recovered, either to make a beautiful headboard, to make tables or to decorate walls. It is always possible to find different uses to reuse noble materials, quite different from their original function. Here you will find very original ideas to reuse old wooden doors that can serve as inspiration.

How to paint baskets

Honestly, I dont know what we would do without baskets. Every room in my house has at least one, if not several. We use them for everything, to store toys, clothes, etc.

I personally admire African baskets, which employ a great deal of color and patterns in their design. If you think about it, it would be fun to try making your own decorated baskets. It is very easy to personalize the baskets and give them a bit of our personality.

Heres what you need: one or more baskets, a selection of colored enamel paint, brushes, rollers, and painters tape.

You can start by drawing different patterns for the baskets in a notebook, then applying them to different sections of the basket. You paint them and wait for the paint to be almost dry. The job couldnt be simpler.

Video of how to paint baskets very easily and quickly

Recycled Christmas sphere

A Christmas ball decorated with pieces of an old CD.

More crafts with recycled material: Recycled lamps 10 ideas step by step

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