Although it might seem early to think of one of the funniest celebrations of the year, it is true that time passes quickly and when we want to be original and decorate with total success, we must do it with time. So today we show you some simple Halloween crafts.

What better way to get into the Halloween spirit than to do some fun crafts?

Manualidades para Halloween

Halloween Crafts: Fake Pumpkin

So that you can put a pumpkin face that will go well on the table in the living room or in a window, you do not have to complicate much, only a roll of orange paper, black paper, and a roll of toilet paper will suffice. And as you can see in the image, it is only to roll and glue the eyes, nose and mouth that you cut on the black paper. Take advantage of some green paper to make an ornament that would be a stem, on top.

Easy Ghost

To make this ghost, well, just take advantage of these images that show us how to achieve it. And this one is even more attractive because using chocolates, you can with a piece of cloth and a piece of bow make a fun image of a ghost. Then draw the face with a fabric marker, and youre done.

Pumpkins decorated with lace

The arrival of October indicates that the month of the witches is underway and with it the possibility of sharing with our children, a space to make crafts together for Halloween . And with that objective, in addition to having a fun time, we will see how to make a fantastic work of DIY , using pumpkins with lace stockings .

They will simply need pumpkins, lace stockings with different designs, scissors, and a rubber band. The idea consists of cutting the stockings, more or less of a size that makes it possible to place the pumpkin inside, but at the same time, that it remains a little, to be able to tie it with the elastic band.

As you will see in the image, black stockings are more suitable, since together with orange they are the classic Halloween colors. Anyway, the white lace stocking does not look bad, and it can be a good variant to add color to the celebration.

In addition, below we provide the link to see some ideas for centerpieces for these times, which can be combined perfectly with this craft, adding some figures of bats, witches, skulls or other related elements, such as cats, scares birds, ghosts, brooms and moon figures, among many others.

Take a look at this super article: Decoration for Halloween , where you will find 60 photos and easy and simple ideas to decorate the walls, tables and the entrance of the house.

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