Color has a very important power in interior design. Thanks to them we can make our home provide us with the emotions we seek, as well as comfort and style, we should only use them to our advantage. There are colors and combinations to give a room depth.

These are the accent colors. They are responsible for ensuring that a space does not look flat and boring, painting walls or simply adding color to certain accessories.

The important thing is to achieve the perfect balance and use it just and necessary. To help you, here we show you how to combine colors to give depth to the decoration of our home. Keep in mind that light colors give the sensation of moving away, while dark colors seem to be closer . Keeping this premise in mind, you can play to «zoom in» on certain furniture or walls, and «zoom out» on others.

Depth with bold colors

To choose the color that will help create depth, you can be inspired by a piece, be it a piece of furniture, artwork, rug, or even a cushion that you like. If, for example, you like a light blue armchair, or you love the hint of jade green on your new sofa, these are colors you can use to add depth. In the photo that we see below, light blue and red are used, which we can see on the cushion, and in a painting placed on the back wall, which gives depth to the room.

In this other example that we see below, the color green has been used in a piece of furniture and plants. That little touch of color gives a lot of depth to the space.

Often times, adding a color accent in a minimal way can completely change the depth of the space. In the image below, if the chairs were not red, but the same color as the armchairs, the space would lose depth, as it would look very flat. You have to think that the decoration follows the same rules as those that are followed when painting pictures.


The same is true of the examples below. The color has given the rooms depth, otherwise they would look very flat.


Add depth with neutral colors

Remember that you dont always have to use bright, bold colors to add depth. In fact, neutral colors are a great option, as they go well with all other colors.

Dark colors are elegant and traditional, if you want to use them as an accent you can do it in neutral materials such as wood, stone and metals. Also the floor can work very well to give depth.

In the image below, most of the walls are blank, while the sofas are a beautiful dark gray. In this way, the walls move away and the armchairs move closer, creating a feeling of great depth.

Many times it is difficult to decide and it can even be scary to take risks. A simple way to achieve depth in decoration is to start with neutral colors on the walls and then gradually introduce color through a vase, cushion or accessories.

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