For lovers of these special dates, we present some Christmas trees that are trending for 2021 and 2022. They are truly designer and include picturesque details that describe real Christmas landscapes, so they will successfully attract everyones attention.

Since October, it is normal to find Christmas trees and decorations of all kinds, and little by little our Christmas spirit is awakening.

√Ārboles de Navidad

We began to plan the Christmas tree that we will have in our home or business, and that is why today we present some proposals that will be fashionable in 2021 and 2022.


For this Christmas, some trends and themes are anticipated with more force. Among these, we can find the Scandinavian style, colors that evoke snow, the use of metallic ornaments and another great theme that is already a classic, the one that has to do with fun and colorful elements.


Scandinavian-style decoration has been gaining ground year after year, and Christmas is no exception. This is a trend that we see more and more strongly.

Its minimalism and natural colors such as white and beige are the protagonists of these compositions.

White, gray or silver

Trees that evoke cold arctic landscapes, with shades of white, gray and silver, are another trend.

They complement very well with all styles of decoration, be it a very modern home or an antique style.

The white and silver combination is a very elegant combination. Some black details can also contribute to a very distinguished space.


Of course, classic design trees will never go out of style. The intense green and red tones, combined with golden details, make this tree the protagonist of the space, without a doubt.

With these colors, very sober or fun trees can be achieved.

The trick for a dark green Christmas tree is to place ornaments that create a high contrast.

Gold and white

The gold color is perfect for these Christmas dates. The white color accompanies it very well, and the lights with golden flashes add a very magical soft glow.

Some touches of black give it a more modern and contemporary look.

Copper golds are also in fashion.

Green and gold

The green spheres look very good accompanied by other golden ones.

Gold and blue

Another beautiful color combination is gold and blue. It can be a deep blue, as we see in the next photo.

Or it may be a paler shade of blue.

It is recommended not to place too many ornaments and thus soften the appearance of the tree. The great thing about trees decorated with gold is that they look perfect in both traditional and contemporary homes.

Fun colors

Christmas trees are undoubtedly the key element in any Christmas decoration, since they are the most representative element and that transmits more life to homes. To decorate them you can use spheres in bright and bright colors.

Or in pastel tones.

Original Christmas trees

Trees with original decorations are ideal to convey that special touch that characterizes Christmas. The tree that we see below is decorated with ornaments entirely made of paper.

Recreating a Christmas tree completely covered by angels is one of the alternatives that will give the tree the much sought after Christmas spirit. Being especially recommended for spaces where there are children, since they will be fascinated by the proposal.

Colored figures, dolls, sweets and gifts also offer us especially attractive designs.

As you can see this season the proposals are many and varied, for example, the classic colored cones.

As you will see, the options are really very numerous and their only limitation is the imagination of each one.

Small dolls, canes, colorful hearts are some of these elements that give us really dreamed and original trees. It is important that all the ornaments are arranged in such a way that the entire tree is covered harmoniously.

also going through simpler proposals such as ties and cards. But you can also make a tree based on fiber optics in its entirety, as we see in the image above.

As you will appreciate in the following images, an immensity of creative and original elements are used that add color and fun to the spaces where they are available. Its about being creative and not limiting yourself in innovation.

Christmas trees for small spaces

Over the years we have gotten used to the fact that every time we talk about Christmas, we think of large decorations, which need quite an important space in the living room. But not everyone has enough space to place a tree. For that reason, we have some proposals for small spaces.

A small tree in the corner of the house can be one of the alternatives.

Or even a tree on a shelf may be the solution.

But we also find one of the funniest, easiest and most ingenious ideas. We are talking about using the wall and only the wall, to place there, what would come to represent the figure of the tree, and then simply occupy a small space on the floor, to place the gifts.

A world of possibilities can open up at your feet. You can make a painted tree on a slate wall, with colored adhesive tapes, with wool, wood, Christmas balls stuck against the wall and even lights, which are placed in the shape of a pine tree.

Today there are wall papers, to achieve an easy figure, thus avoiding deteriorating it. Although you can also achieve a very beautiful model through branches.

The ideas become very varied when we focus on generating the figure on the wall. For example, decorations in metallic tones, retro, rustic decorations or any other style, generating a true work of art.

Another idea would be to place LED lights, so that at night they generate a beautiful effect, what an atmosphere the space.

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