Year after year, as the month of December approaches, we see new proposals for Christmas decorations. Some ideas are slightly modified and on the other hand, we see very new proposals. We will show you some ideas, trends and suggestions in Christmas tree decoration for the 2021-2022 season that can serve as inspiration.

The Christmas tree is the focal point of all Christmas decorations, for this reason you should pay close attention to it.

Decoración de árboles de Navidad

Nordic style Christmas trees

This is one of the trends that has gained the most relevance in recent years, and it does not seem to be declining. This Nordic or Scandinavian style is characterized by a minimalist and rustic decoration.

When you think of colors you dont necessarily have to limit yourself to the classics. Variants can be very stylish. However, few colors are used at the same time, for example, black and white, white and silver, or white and red.

Without a doubt, it is one of the most chic options that we can choose for our home.

If you feel safer with the classics green, red and gold, then get the full potential of them since they are the representative colors of Christmas, which will never be out of use.

Its okay to go for this classic style, as it is safe and does not disappoint.

Another decoration for the Christmas tree that has been a trend in recent Christmas is to opt for a tree decorated with fake snow spray, or to achieve a home decoration that simulates it.


Ideas can be very creative and stylish, for example, in the image below, a shaggy rug has been used.


With original birds, cards, boxes and ornaments

Other elements that are gaining more and more ground in the area of ​​Christmas trees are greeting cards as a decorative accessory, small boxes lined in colors and fun and Christmas-themed designs.

The possibilities are truly endless and the limit is your creativity.

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Metallic: gold, copper and silver

Another proposal that will be a trend for this coming Christmas is the decoration of Christmas trees in metallic tones, either by embellishing them with ribbons, bows, garlands, pearl chains or the now classic Christmas balls.

Among the most modern proposals, trees with totally white branches stand out. This proposal in golden color is especially recommended for sophisticated spaces.

Rustic, from the forest

Another possibility that can be chosen is the decorations and ornaments inspired by the forest. This trend gives us the possibility of making our ornaments, using dry branches, pinecones, berries, and whatever comes to mind.

Crystal clear arctic colors

Decorating the Christmas tree is something that in general creates a lot of enthusiasm, since it allows us to fill our spaces with that festive and fun spirit characteristic of the date. Several modern proposals are committed to decorating them in white and silver.

In the photo below you can see a Christmas tree that plays with the theme of snowflakes.


It is a much more modern proposal than that of traditional trees, and as you will see it runs through a wide variety of possibilities.

It also accommodates more fun options, for example, turning our tree into a snowman, an adorable proposal, ideal for homes with children.

The market offers us a great diversity of Christmas trees, among which the classic pine trees stand out but in white, as if they were covered with snow. Ideal to be decorated with garlands and ornaments. An elegant way is that the decorative elements are silver.

Gradient colors or ombré

The Christmas tree is usually the focal point in the home during this time of year, so its decoration should be designed to complement the style of the house and the personal tastes of the family that lives there. This style is perfect for a modern or contemporary home.

Ombré is a huge design trend in both fashion and home decor.

Floral decoration

Adding flowers to the Christmas tree is one of the top trends this year.

In black and white

This is another excellent option for a modern home. Decorate your tree with a totally black and white theme.

Minimalism can also be applied at Christmas. For many, a tree like the ones we see below is a magnificent expression of art.

Christmas tree skirt alternatives

Another big trend in recent years is getting rid of the tree skirt. Instead, you can use a wastebasket or basket that will flow with your design style.

You can go against all the rules, you can go for an option like this.

Small Christmas tree decoration

For those who want something simple, they can opt for small trees, which can be placed on a dresser or on a piece of furniture, without the need for more decoration than a few ornaments.

There are even smaller models, like this one, which are based on their simplicity and the accent light that can be added to make them stand out.

They are an excellent option for small spaces, or for those who do not like too flashy decorations.

Whichever style of tree you choose, you can choose from a wide variety of proposals, which are generally distinguished by being colorful, to give your home a very festive and cheerful look.

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