Continuing with the decorations made in a more natural way and of course, with a considerable saving of money, this time we will see Christmas decorations with pinecones. Lets see some decoration ideas that we can make from them, for this Christmas 2021 2022.

In some countries, pineapples, also known as pineapple, are very inexpensive. If thats your case, keep these options in mind to make beautiful arrangements.

Adornos navidenos con pinas

Christmas decorations with pineapples (the fruit)


The pineapple, also known as pineapple in several countries, gives us the possibility of making beautiful decorations, for example, wreaths to decorate the front door. It is usually combined with other fruits, branches and leaves, achieving truly surprising arrangements.

On top of the door

It is also often used as a decoration for the upper part of the door.

As a centerpiece

Christmas decorations with dried pine cones

Pineapple centerpieces

We find two magnificent models. In these first photos, the pineapples serve as an ornament for the dishes. They are placed on a cloth napkin, and can be accompanied with some small branches.

Wooden or wicker fountains can be decorated in a fairly traditional but no less attractive way with pinecones and green branches.

They can be painted in beautiful colors and placed inside a glass vase.

Combining a table with pineapple accents and candle holders can be very suitable for those looking for a more romantic style on their tables this Christmas.

It is also common to subtly paint them white, to simulate snow, especially in those pinecones used to make wreaths that go on the door.

As you can see, they are elements that will add style to our home at the same time we save money, since in many cases no more materials are needed than several pineapples, some pretty red ribbons or some beautiful and colorful flowers, which can be natural. or artificial.

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On doors or walls

We can think of crowns made with elements as simple and easy to get as pineapples, but painted in beautiful colors.

If you do not know how to make this type of ornaments, it is almost always best to get polystyrene structures and there begin to glue each of the pinecones with transparent glue. Otherwise, you can bet on joining them with thread or leaving them together but without tying.

They are perfect for decorating our tables, doors and walls, transmitting the Christmas spirit and enormous vitality to our spaces.

And as if that were not enough, they are very versatile and modern ornaments, ideal to implement in any style of home and that also get along very well with the trends in decoration.

And for those looking for a discreet, easy-to-find proposal that adds style to their spaces, hanging pinecones with a preferably red ribbon (since it is the color most associated with Christmas) on all the doors of your home can be a really nice option.

Pineapples in their natural color look great, but for those who prefer a more striking detail, painting them white can be an excellent option. After they have been painted and allowed to dry, they can also be decorated with ribbons and berry sprigs.

We can also make fireplace ornaments (be careful for fires).

In Christmas trees

More interesting and creative ideas. They can be used as decorations for Christmas trees, can be used to form the star of the tip, or to place at the base.

If you cant waste a lot of time crafting, then lets make it easier. Get pretty colored ribbons and hang them from a Christmas tree or a chandelier. The result will be something like this, simple but happy.

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