As each Christmas approaches, we are always looking for new ideas of Christmas decorations , to inspire us and to be able to create a special and beautiful decoration. We do not want to repeat ourselves year after year. Thats why we show you a few ideas that will help boost your creativity this holidays 2021 and 2022 .

For us and probably for you too, Christmas is the best time of the year. The smells, the Christmas lights in the streets or inside our house. Memories of childhood return, when we see a big smile on the faces of our children opening a Christmas present.

Adornos Navidenos

Scandinavian style ornaments

For several years now, Scandinavian style decoration, also known as Nordic decoration, has gained a lot of ground in todays decoration. This also happens with Christmas decorations.

Forest Inspired Ornaments

This is one of the most adorable trends. It is about taking inspiration from the forest to create ornaments. Take a look at these photos.


Socks are a characteristic decorative element of Christmas, so today we present you some varied and fun proposals.

As you can see, they adapt to a wide variety of decoration styles, since they can be played with a wide variety of details, textures and colors, which make them perfect to brighten up almost all spaces, and they are undoubtedly a decorative element. inevitable in childhood. They are one of the funniest ways to receive gifts by the Christmas tree.

A detail that, in addition to adding a lot of style to Christmas decorations, can be easily made at home, with colorful scraps of fabric and other accessories, making it a good option for those looking for cheerful and inexpensive decoration proposals.

They can be placed both next to the Christmas tree, in an armchair, on tables or hanging from fireplaces, doors and stairs. You can choose from several equal socks to several very different ones, which go through different shades and designs.

You can create your own socks and adapt them to your decoration.

Christmas decorations with natural materials

Natural Christmas decorations not only create a more lively atmosphere, but are also often inexpensive and easy to make. Most of the materials can be found outdoors during the fall and winter. Lets see the ideas.

Search your own garden for elements of nature. For example, you can make an arrangement with some pine cones, branches, and leaves.

Elaborate burlap ornaments are a fast-spreading trend lately. By cutting out the figures on the fabric and then sewing them with rustic stitches, you can give the tree a playful and whimsical touch.

Another original idea. You can let orange slices dry and then hang them on the Christmas tree.

You can also wrap the gifts with rustic paper and decorate with the help of elements of nature.

Geometric ornaments

This type of ornaments, whether to hang from the Christmas tree or to decorate different corners of the home, are one of the most modern and innovative trends that are beginning to be seen.

Of course, you can make your own decorations out of cardboard.


Many ornaments will be seen with reference to the cosmic, be it micro or macro.

Spiritual Christmas decorations

Ornaments with reference to spiritual and harmony will also have an important place.


The fun proposals, which motivate the playful spirit that we all carry inside, will also make a great appearance.


One of the main trends are candles, which are preferably scented, since in addition to giving the environment a warm and welcoming touch, they provide the space with a pleasant fragrance. To make them look more Christmas, they can be incorporated into arrangements of pine cones, berry sprigs or with red ribbons, or another color of your liking such as silver and gold that are also on trend.

The living room, because it is one of the spaces in which we spend the most time and because it is where we receive our guests, is generally the place where we care most about achieving a harmonious decoration. That is why it is one of the best places to decorate with candles.

You can also decorate other spaces in the house, for example, the stairs.

For table decoration it is not necessary to fill it with Christmas items. You can decorate candles with bark and ribbons.


As a Christmas ornament you can use a traditional door wreath, but instead of using it vertically, you place it horizontally, decorate it with candles and use it as an ornament on a table.

Birds and feathers

Birds and feathers can also be another good alternative.

Little birds on branches, a sweet ornament for Christmas.


The crowns are characteristic details of these dates, which will be very well on the window, the wall, the fireplace or on top of a mirror. It is about trying to create different and original crowns.

Hanging ornaments

Hanging ornaments, such as stars or snowflakes, are also an excellent alternative to decorate, for example, the dining room.

Or hang Christmas balls from the ceiling lamp.


Christmas decorations with branches

If you have been thinking that in a short time, we will already be assembling the Christmas tree, and this year you do not want to go into great expense with decorations, then you should bet on these ideas, which we will show below.

Obviously, the first advantage of this is that the branches meet from the street, a park, a forest on the outskirts of the city. Nor are trees mistreated, since what we need are dry branches, that is, fallen or broken.

From there a range of options opens, which vary, depending on the decorative search that you are doing. For example, many bet on making a vintage Christmas tree, through the dry branches and the addition of some spheres or homemade decorations, as well as pendants made from dried leaves. The results obtained are not only very beautiful, but they are also original.

If we think of simple ornaments, to complement the decoration, the most common thing is to take a handful of branches, tie them with a bow and place them on a piece of furniture or the fireplace. This idea can be done alone, or accompanied by a glass vase with seeds or pine cones.

If you are one of those who has a skillful hand for crafts, then we invite you to make candles, and inside place chopped twigs, leaves and seeds, mixed with the bait.

Vintage style Christmas decorations

The vintage style is usually one of the most used in Christmas decorations. Brightly colored Christmas balls are perfect for a centerpiece or wreath. They are cheap and there are many places where you can find them.

Original Christmas decorations

Have you ever wondered how much you can surprise whoever comes to your house, with Christmas decorations? They will think that not much, but it is not like that, Christmas decorations can really give an excellent letter of introduction to your home and leave the visitor, such as the Christmas balls in the photo below.

If we talk about small trees and other typical ornaments, the options that open are many.

The decorations should not only be reduced to living spaces, but also to places of circulation such as the staircase and hallways.

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