Fashion shows us the way of how to dress or wear shoes and also sets and imposes trends in what is home decoration. Today we show you some very special decoration trends for a Christmas decoration 2021 2022 .

We will show you below, the colors, materials and designs that will predominate this season.

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Christmas trends 2021 2022 – colors and styles

Each of these styles plays with very creative combinations, so that each person can find the mix that suits their taste.


This trend allows us to play with intense colors.

The warm and inviting traditional Christmas decor is timeless. The colors associated with it, red and green, immediately evoke this festive season and our best childhood memories. And it is one of the options that are being used a lot.

To the classic red and green, you can add touches of white or gold.

Although red and green are classic colors that will always be used, do not limit yourself, you can dare to use other colors. For example, you can use lilacs and pinks.

Another combination that is very current, and looks very luxurious, is teal combined with purple.

As you can see, color can be a great protagonist, since the bright and vivid tones convey the vitality and joy that characterizes our spirit on the dates before and after Christmas.


Different shades of blue are also another trend.


To follow this trend, we must avoid plastic and disposable objects. Potted pines are used which, once Christmas is over, must be transplanted into the ground. Ornaments made of natural materials are also used.

Materials such as wood, wool, linen and felt are used, always in light and natural colors.

You can bring nature inside with moss, pine cones, fir or eucalyptus branches, and candles to add some magic.

In addition, the decoration made by hand is privileged. We love its authentic and imperfect appearance. DIY is a great way to create unique items, consume less, and save money.

Also remember to pack your gifts in craft paper or fabric.

Minimalist and Scandinavian

The Scandinavian style has been in fashion for several seasons, but now it stands out for being more and more minimalist.

An arrangement made of dried branches and garlands of pompoms, can be more than enough.


Influenced by the minimalism of Nordic interiors, todays Christmas decorations are refined, ecological and sustainable. We love the pristine white, which is enhanced by garlands of light.

Gold or bronze

They also bet on metal accessories. To put a little magic in the house, nothing like the color gold or bronze. However, it is important to dose it well to avoid an overly striking effect.

Creative and cheap Christmas decoration

The decoration at Christmas can be very simple or very complex depending on each taste. It is not necessary to spend a fortune or complicate when decorating our home. Here we will give you very minimalist simple ideas, and most importantly, easy but beautiful.


Dry branches are being used a lot. They are placed in a beautiful vase, and ornaments are hung on them.

Logs on the wall

A simple detail that can be done in any house is, using a small log, to put together a wall ornament such as the ones in these photos below.

It does not necessarily have to be strong colors that adorn the home. There are always spaces in the house brighter than others, and that can be taken into account when choosing decorations.

Small trees

It should be borne in mind that in many houses Christmas goes more unnoticed, not its meaning, but that what is used to decorate is not so striking or blends better into the environment, going almost unnoticed. If this is your case, these ornaments can be an excellent option, easy to do, minimalist, but very beautiful.

Instead of using a large tree, you can use a small tree on a table.

Many people are inclined towards the abstract and monochromatic, as we see in the image above, where grays and whites are the predominant ones.

Handmade trees

You can also use small handmade trees, like the ones we see below.

Trees in Christmas decoration

In addition to the many Christmas decorations that can be incorporated into the decoration of our interiors and exteriors, the Christmas tree is one of the most representative symbols of this holiday. At present, we see two predominant trends: the traditional format or the abstract trees on the wall, which are so fashionable today.



On the wall

These types of trees allow you to be very creative, since they can be made with different materials.

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Centerpieces for Christmas

After Thanksgiving, it seems that the year is ending, what remains is to be enjoyed, vacations, parties, New Years. And all this begins by enjoying that Christmas spirit that we let see of us in these times, and that feeds on what we see around us.

With dry branches

You can create a beautiful centerpiece with elements from your home and garden. Besides being simple, it is not necessary to spend money.


With little fancy trees

With just a few elements you can create a creative and beautiful centerpiece.

With Christmas balls

Small bowls containing candies, Christmas balls, fruits or nuts, can be another important decorative element this Christmas.

With candles

With green branches

With branches and lights or candles you can create the perfect ornament.

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Christmas decoration for doors

Green crowns

The classic crowns made with branches, leaves, berries, pine cones and other natural elements, will never go out of style. Here we show you some images to inspire you.

Fancy crowns

You can also make your wreath by mixing branches with other non-natural elements, such as Christmas balls.

Original ornaments

Not only can you decorate the door with crowns, you also have the possibility of making other hanging ornaments, like the ones we see below.

Christmas window decoration

Windows can also be decorated for those festivities. Branches are being used a lot lately, adorned with Christmas balls, pine cones and other decorative elements. Check out.

Branches with ornaments

Christmas themes


Or you can use elements of nature such as branches or pine cones to make very beautiful decorations.

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