You dont need to get involved in expensive or complicated things for decoration. With small details you can create great environments at home and these are great ideas that will confirm it. The Christmas crafts are essential to do everything that is required to decorate every corner of the house.

Today we present several ideas for you to join DIY projects, a way to make a thousand interesting Christmas decorations by yourself, just by gathering a little time and materials.


Christmas crafts with buttons

This year, why not try to be more original and go for tree and table decorations that use something unusual, such as buttons. Buttons can be used for more than just wearing them on clothing.

The first image above corresponds to a colorful miniature reproduction of a Christmas tree made with buttons. For this purpose, a tree-shaped polystyrene base has been chosen, which we already know is perfect for decorating. The polystyrene has been lined with a green fabric. In this case, buttons of green tones have been gathered. If you have extra buttons at home, you can secure them at the base with pearl head pins.

In this case, a wooden board in the shape of a tree has been cut, and buttons of different sizes and colors have been glued on it.

A button garland is also a great idea.

Or a sphere made of felt.

Christmas decorations with salt dough

As a new Christmas approaches, our festive spirit is awakened, which we begin to want to capture in the decoration.

Money does not have to be a limiting factor. We can make home decorations, simple, cheap and full of presence, with salt dough.

The proposal consists of making beautiful figures with salt dough and with nice shapes, which we will then paint with our favorite colors and we can arrange on our walls, doors or hanging from the Christmas tree.


Lemon juice
Warm water
Acrylic paint
Acrylic spray (glitter)
Cookie molds


First you must proceed to make the dough with salt, mixing two cups of flour and a cup of fine salt. When they are well mixed, add a cup of warm water and a tablespoon of lemon little by little. Join and knead until a uniform dough is achieved. Then the dough is spread to a surface covered in flour with the help of a rolling pin. It should be approximately 1 cm thick.
Next, we must proceed to cut with the cookie molds with the shapes that we like the most.
Then on a baking sheet, the shapes are placed and baked at about 100 degrees Celsius, until they are very dry. The decorations should be turned every half hour or so. They can also be air dried, but it will take many more hours, perhaps up to 24 hours, depending on the humidity.
To soften the edges (once cool), they can be sanded with a small nail file for a more polished look.
With acrylic paints, they will be painted with the colors and designs that we like the most. And to add shine they are sprayed with acrylic spray.

Christmas wreath with spheres

Here we will tell you the materials you need and the steps to follow to create this beautiful easy-to-make Christmas wreath .

Materials and tools

Crown-shaped polystyrene.
Christmas spheres.
Pink tape.
Pair of scissors.
Hot glue gun and glue sticks.

Step by Step

You should first wrap the foam in the shape of a crown with the pink ribbon until it is completely covered. With hot glue you must glue the ends on the back.
Finally, you must place the ornaments with the hot glue, so that the colors alternate.

Another very simple idea:

Modern wooden crown

The Christmas wreaths are a classic of Christmas, since they allow us to receive our visitors with a festive atmosphere, which of course will welcome them. That is why today we wanted to present you a very modern homemade Christmas wreath so that you can personalize your doors for the next holidays.

As you will see, it is a really very simple and inexpensive proposal, so it can easily reach all homes. Next we go on to detail the procedure and the necessary materials.


A large piece to make the main wheel and 12 smaller wheels (which preferably should not be the same).
12 dowel bars at least 6 inches long
spray paint: matte white
waterproof wood glue
a small closure
compass and pencil
electric drill
caliper or a wooden thumb screw


With a compass, make a circle of approximately 15 cm and 12 circles of 3 cm in diameter on the piece of wood.

Then on the back side of the main disc (with the hole in the middle) divide it into 12 equal spaces.

Inside the main circle draw another smaller circle inside, so that it is off-center, then cut it with a jigsaw.

On the side in the corresponding distance (previously made) make holes with a drill of the appropriate size to place the wooden rods.

In the center of each of the small wheels, also make smaller concentric circles and make a small hole to place the rod in it.

Once at this point of work, put wood glue on the ends of each rod and assemble the crown itself.
Paint with white spray paint, and sand to remove blemishes. Once polished, apply fixing spray for a perfect finish that resists inclement weather.

Recycled gift box

If you like to be original and you also opt for the Christmas season in which you can be creative and make the most beautiful Christmas crafts, our suggestion today is going to enchant you.

It is a use of creativity to take advantage of something that no longer seems to be useful, but in this case it becomes something new and very striking. It is a gift box made with a roll of toilet paper, isnt it true that it looks very pretty with a bow and all?

Christmas decoration for doors

We can also be very creative to decorate the front door of our house. Here are some ideas that you can do yourself.

Little tree with mason jar lids

This precious little tree was made from old jar lids. They were joined together by a thread.

The balls have been glued to the lids with hot silicone.

Christmas bouquet

These two bouquets are also easy to do. Next, you have the images of the step by step.

With a wire we assemble a figure like the one we see in the image below.

With a thread, we are tying the small twigs to the wire frame.

We finish decorating the twigs with berries, ribbons and anything else you dont like.

Stars and snowflakes

This idea is more than simple. It is about gluing together with hot silicone, different Christmas decorations with shapes of stars and snowflakes.

Christmas balls with bow

First some Christmas balls are tied together with a thread, and later, we fasten these groups of balls with a ribbon.

Frames with spheres or branches

This is another very easy possibility to do. A frame, Christmas balls or arrangements with branches and pinecones are used.

Letters for the door

The letters are cut out of wood, painted in any color you like, and sticks twigs, berries or any other decorative element on them. Later they are hung from a ribbon of rustic fabric, which can be burlap.

Other nice and easy ideas

Outdoor Christmas Decoration

When Christmas is approaching, we begin to look for new styles for decorating our interiors and exteriors, which convey a festive and very joyful Christmas spirit, so today we present you some ideal proposals to achieve it in the exterior of the home.

You can let your imagination fly and not stay in that only the Christmas tree is enough, but if you feel the desire to acclimate other parts of the house, such as outdoors, then do it. We will leave you some ideas to help you in this task.

You can use pots and place branches, spheres, pine cones inside and then decorate them with lights.

Christmas wreaths or bouquets should not be left just for the door, they can be applied to tree branches, windows, low shrubs or fences. Preferably the natural wreaths made from dry branches are the most interesting and attractive, since any other can be found in the Christmas markets.

Another option is candles. These can be placed inside glass containers or inside the house, on windows, thus giving a very interesting effect to appreciate.

Of course the list of possibilities is endless. For example, there are more daring people who are inclined to place elves in the garden, or reindeer, or even a snowman made with white painted pumpkins.

Or small seedlings that look like elves.

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