They are two materials that stand out in the design of these modern two-story houses and they are exposed brick and concrete, knowing how to combine them to achieve harmony in these strong buildings is a requirement that we will discover below.

The exposed brick shows its textures and color as a construction finish on the rectangular shape of this modern house. The concrete and steel combine perfectly with the exposed material of the walls and is also applied for the structures as we see below with the design of the terrace.

Rear facade

The exterior floors are made of polished concrete and it is used to define the spaces of both the terrace and the exterior passageways by means of blocks.

Side walkway open

The interior finishes, unlike the facade, are polished and uniform, maintaining a neutral color such as white on the walls and ceilings. We highlight the design of the stairs with an iron structure and wooden steps that harmonizes with the whole set.

Openwork wooden stairs and acerto


First floor plan

On the first floor of the house, the social area has been designed that includes a living room and services, a kitchen (closed) – dining room (with views towards a rear patio). In the front an office.

It stands out on the first level that the main access is from one side, this allows an architectural treatment to prioritize the entrance.

On the second floor there are three bedrooms and an office, each room includes a bathroom, the main bedroom has a bathroom with a tub.

When you get to the upper floor, you have a living room as a receipt.

Second floor plan

2. Combination of brick, concrete and color

Structure where the concrete with its original texture stands out in the house with the overhangs of the roof, as well as window envelopes. A brick enclosure to the side of the main entrance harmoniously complements the architectural ensemble.

Design: Ramella Arquitetura | Photos: Marcelo Donadussi ( Via )

The interior design of the house is modern, for this a palette of colors ranging from gray to white has been used, as well as the use of decorative elements such as circular LED lamps and contemporary-style sofas.


To get to the main entrance located in the center of the house, a route of concrete blocks is made (see photo of the facade). The green areas generated on the side and back of the house have been used so that the room has better visuals as well as greater lighting and natural ventilation.

On the upper floor, the bedrooms have been designed and they are accessed through a lateral circulation. Part of the room on the first floor has a double height ceiling (see photo of the interior design above), it is shown in the following plan with an X.

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